Adinath Industrial Input

"Manufacturers Of Stainless Steel & High Tensile Fasteners Like Nut, Bolt, Screws, Plain & Spring Washer" "Registered Supplier to Indian Railways"
"Authorized Distributor of Chemtech Industrial Valves"

Adinath Industrial Input - Mumbai

About Us

 Adinath Industrial Input is an Engineering Unit located in Mumbai, Maharashtra State India.Our product lines includes fasteners & machined components for all Engineering purposes. We are known for our high quality, reliable supply and competitive prices.

 Our Company is managed by a team of technocrats having rich and varied experience in diverse fields such as Product Design and Engineering, Research & Development, Process Control, Field Technical Services, Marketing etc,

We are Registered Vendor to Indian Railway & Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai"

We are a one-stop source for following products: 

Ø  Stainless Steel & High Tensile:- Full & Half Threaded Hex Head Bolt , Eye Bolt, T-Bolt, Square Head Bolt, Doom Bolt, Allen Bolt, Allen CSK etc …

Ø  Stainless Steel & High Tensile:- Hex Nut, Nylock Insert Nut, Doom Nut, Square Nut, Anti Theft (Break) fasteners etc.. by cold forge, Hot Forge and Machining Process.

Ø  Thread:- Fine, Super Fine & Standard Pitch, BA, BSW, UNC, BSF, UNF, BSP etc..

Ø  Stainless Steel Grade 202, 304, 316 Machine Screws, Micro Screws & Rivets with CHHD, RDHD, PAN, CSK, Mushroom, Taptite, Trash, TORX etc head and with Slotted, Philips, Combination, Allen etc.. drive from diameter 1.2mm to 8mm and irrespective length of 150mm long.  

Ø  Stainless Steel Grade 304 & 316 Self Tapping Screws with A, B, AB point from diameter No.2 to No.14

Ø  Stainless Steel 304 & 316 Machine Screws, Dome Bolt, Mushroom Head Roofing Bolt, Allen Cap & Allen CSK Screws CHHD, PAN Head for sizes 2BA, 3BA, 4BA, 6BA, 8BA,10BA in 2A class age etc...

Ø  Stainless Steel 202, 304, 316, Hi Ni & Bi-Metal Grade Plain Washer, Spring Washer (Flat & Square Section), Wave, Star, Rip-Lock, Rib Lock, Tab, Disc, Square Washers etc.. from diameter M2 to above.

Ø  Stainless Steel & High Tensile:- Socket Set Screws (Grub Screws) with Cone, Oval, Cup, Knurl Cup, Flat, Dog & Half Dog Point etc.. by Cold forge & Machining process from M3 to M24.

Ø  Fully Threaded, Studs, Bars, Rods from diameter M3 and above.

Ø  ASTM Stud & Bolts with Heavy & Std Hex Nuts etc.. from diameter M6 and above.

Ø  Anchor Bolt- Pin, Sleeve etc types. & Foundation Bolts J,L etc types.

Ø  Eye Bolt & Lifting Eye Bolt in MS & SS grade by Hot Forge Process.

Ø  Last but not least:- Specialized in Special Fasteners.  Adinath Industrial Input is complete package of more then 4500 fasteners & 500 Valves varieties in ranges.


  A trusted name in fasteners & Valves……………